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This firm safeguards what matters most and acts purposefully in times of crisis. It acts for employers and employees.

Having successfully represented litigants in the High Court of Australia, Royal Commissions, Fair Work Commission and multiple other courts and tribunals, Andrew Anderson has a demonstrated record of success in complex and difficult cases.

As a boutique law firm, Anderson Legal is dedicated to providing expert advice and representation in dealing with workplace issues. Although based in Brisbane, this firm assists clients nationally.

Andrew Anderson, Legal Director, is an experienced lawyer who has been independently described by the Courier Mail as “one of the best legal minds” and a “leading corporate and white-collar crime lawyer” (16 December 2021)

Personalised Solutions

Personalised Solutions

Anderson Legal takes the time to understand the circumstances and priorities of each of its clients, and tailors legal solutions accordingly.

To solve a ‘legal problem’, many people think all they need is the ‘legal answer’.

If only it was that simple for many workplace problems…

Workplace issues are often tied up with other considerations that can’t be ignored – reputational risks, commercial realities, and opportunity costs.

This firm offers personalised strategies to resolve workplace issues.

Brisbane Employment Lawyer

If you have searched for a ‘Brisbane employment lawyer’ or ’employment lawyer in Brisbane’, you will see there are many options. Why choose Anderson Legal?

The areas of law Anderson Legal handles are deliberately narrow and deep, ensuring this firm can handle all cases to the highest standards. The firm is transparent about costs and maintains the highest standards of ethical conduct.

To maintain the highest standards, this firm must sometimes decline to take on new clients to focus on existing ones. This firm will always try to identify who may be in a position to help you in such instances.

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Employment Contracts

Employment Contracts

Employment relationships operate in the context of numerous laws that impact employment contracts and agreements. Understanding what is and is not stated in a contract – and why – is critical for employers.
It is common for contracts to be silent about various issues, which may still be implied in some way.
Policies and Procedures

Policies & Procedures

No matter how big or small a business or organisation, policies and procedures are crucial to ensure compliance with laws, as well as to give guidance to staff about how to handle day-to-day tasks.
One of the challenges employers can face is ensuring their policies and procedures are up to date, appropriate, and practical.
Management Action

Management Action

The failure to properly implement performance management systems often often exposes employers to real risks and unfair accusations.
Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary Processes

Failure to follow proper processes can give rise to successful claims against employers. Learn more here about minimising such risks.
End of Employment

Ending Employment

It is common for disputes to arise at the end of employment, such as concerning confidentiality obligations, breaches of restraint of trade clauses, unfair dismissal, and adverse action claims.
Given the commercial risks end of employment issues can have for a business, it is important to understand how to manage such issues.
Bullying Issues

Bullying Issues

Workers at all levels can be the subject of workplace bullying – as victims and perpetrators. Just as bullying can cause harm, false bullying allegations can unfairly ruin reputations and livelihoods.
Discrimination Issues

Discrimination Issues

Failure to follow anti-discrimination laws in the workplace can lead to successful lawsuits against individuals and businesses.
When confronting a workplace discrimination issue, getting informed about the common problems with discrimination claims might be crucial to protecting your interests and avoiding unfair outcomes.
Facing Disciplinary Action

Facing Disciplinary Action

Employers who fail to follow the law when taking disciplinary action can give rise to successful claims.
Sexual Harassment Issues

Sexual Harassment Issues

Workplace sexual harassment can constitute serious misconduct and can result in summary dismissal and lead to compensation claims.
Workers at all levels can experience sexual harassment. Just as harassment can cause harm, false sexual harassment allegations can unfairly ruin reputations and livelihoods.
Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations can lead to all types of outcomes, including disciplinary action, regulatory intervention, and police referrals.
For many people, the potentially far-reaching effects of a workplace investigation can come as a shock, which underscores why early advice from an experienced employer lawyer can be critical.
Free Consultation

Anderson Legal offers a fixed-priced initial consultation for workplace issues to businesses, executives, and employees.

Who this firm assists

Anderson Legal has a focus on resolving workplace problems. It provides advice and legal services to:

  • small business operators
  • executives in medium to large enterprises
  • employees in medium to large enterprises
  • public service employees

The potential impact of workplace issues on reputations, relationships, and livelihoods makes it critical to have a lawyer who is equal to the task. If you need an employment lawyer in Brisbane, there are many reasons why Anderson Legal should be your preferred choice:

  • Andrew Anderson, Legal Director, is an experienced lawyer who has been independently described by the Courier Mail as “one of the best legal minds” and a “leading corporate and white-collar crime lawyer” (16 December 2021).
  • Having successfully represented litigants in the High Court of Australia, Royal Commissions, Fair Work Commission, and multiple other courts and tribunals, Andrew Anderson has a demonstrated record of success in complex and difficult cases.
  • Prior to operating a law firm, Andrew Anderson worked as a Principal Crown Prosecutor in Queensland and barrister in practice at 8 Petrie Terrace Chambers. His depth of courtroom experience ranges from straightforward claims right through to complex trials and appeals.
  • Anderson Legal is a law firm that is dedicated to the best ideals of the legal profession. Seeking to exceed client expectations and working for just outcomes is an everyday pursuit.

Read below how this firm can assist you, what it costs to get advice, and when to contact this firm.

How this firm can assist

With respect to employment law issues, this firm assists its clients to navigate all kinds of issues, including:

  • advising businesses, executives and employees on their rights, responsibilities, and options
  • assisting with investigations related to workplace allegations and complaints
  • negotiating resolutions in settlement of workplace disputes
  • outlining the different actions or claims that arise from workplace issues, such as:
    • anti-bullying law issues
    • unfair dismissal claims
    • general protections claims
    • discrimination claims
    • work health and safety complaints
  • representing clients litigating workplace disputes in courts and tribunals

Note: Anderson Legal does not provide advice or representation for compensation claims under personal injury or workers’ compensation laws.

What it costs to get advice

Fixed price initial consultation

Fixed-Price Consultation
One-Hour Consultation
No-Obligation Consultation

A fixed-price initial consultation is $495 incl. GST for up to one hour, which may be tax deductible (consult your tax advisor).

If you are dealing with a workplace issue and seek to get informed about your legal rights, responsibilities, and options, book an appointment for an initial consultation with Anderson Legal. It is designed to deliver clear and timely advice that allows you to understand the relevant legal issues and make informed choices about the action that may be taken.

The time is devoted to ensuring an understanding of the particular issues to allow advice to be given based on the information you provide.

An initial consultation with Anderson Legal is obligation-free, meaning there is no expectation or commitment to further legal work or costs. If you want to engage this firm to provide you with further advice or legal representation, estimates of costs will be provided as far as possible.

Initial consultations are by appointment only, with in-person, video, and phone options possible.

Representation for workplace issues

Anderson Legal is transparent about how it charges legal fees.

This firm generally charges on a capped-fee, fixed-fee, or time-costed basis. How you are charged is something that may be negotiated and your preferences are taken into consideration.

Please note that Anderson Legal does not undertake legal work on a ‘no-win, no-fee’ basis.

In representing businesses, executives, and employees with workplace issues, Anderson Legal puts in place a formal costs agreement with all clients. This includes a disclosure statement outlining important rights, as well as quotes or estimates for applicable legal fees.

When to contact this firm

Legal rights or options with respect to workplace issues can have strict timeframes, so it is prudent to seek legal advice as soon as possible for workplace concerns.

Workplace disputes can involve many legal complexities, which can have profound consequences for reputations, relationships, and livelihoods. It is the reason why it can be critical for business operators, executives and, employees to get urgent legal advice when dealing with such issues.

If you want legal advice from a Brisbane employment lawyer, you should call Anderson Legal to set up an appointment for a fixed-price initial consultation: