Andrew Anderson

Andrew Anderson provides tailored advice and representation to businesses and individuals across Australia.

Learn more about how he can help:

>> Expertise & Experience

>> Professional Background

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Andrew Anderson

Andrew Anderson provides tailored advice and representation to businesses and individuals across Australia.

Learn more about how he can help:

>> Expertise & Experience

>> Professional Background

>> Litigation Examples

>> Areas of Practice

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Expertise & Experience

Public profile

Andrew Anderson is an experienced lawyer who has been described as “one of the best legal minds” by the Courier Mail (16 December 2021).

While Andrew has a history of representing clients in high-profile cases, his work is now primarily devoted to assisting businesses and individuals to resolve legal problems quickly and discreetly.

Based in Brisbane, Andrew operates nationally in assisting clients to deal with legal issues.

In brief

Andrew Anderson deliberately handles a narrow set of legal areas, so his expertise in each can run deep.

Having successfully represented litigants in the High Court of Australia, Queensland Court of Appeal, Fair Work Commission, and multiple other courts and tribunals, his history shows that he understands how to succeed in contested litigation.

As may be seen from publicly reported cases, his expertise and experience speaks for itself.

Professional Background

Andrew Anderson has proven his ability to help clients navigate complex issues.

Andrew Anderson has degrees in Economics and Law (Hons). His Honours’ thesis was co-supervised by Aboriginal leader Noel Pearson. He has undertaken post-graduate studies in cyber security management.

Prior to starting Anderson Legal in 2019, Andrew worked as a barrister both as a Principal Crown Prosecutor and in private practice with 8 Petrie Terrace Chambers in Brisbane. He was first appointed a Crown Prosecutor at age 22. Following that, he was appointed a Senior Crown Prosecutor aged 24. After being appointed a Principal Crown Prosecutor aged 26, he moved into private practice as a barrister with 8 Petrie Terrace Chambers in Brisbane. He left practice as a barrister to become a partner in an innovative and successful law firm. When he left that firm to start Anderson Legal, it had grown from a single office in Brisbane to six office locations across Queensland.

Andrew started Anderson Legal out of a desire to operate a boutique firm that was accessible to businesses of all kinds and individuals from all walks of life. He is committed to reducing the risks, costs, and complexity associated with regulatory compliance for small businesses. Believing access to justice ought to be a professional concern for all lawyers, Andrew is also committed to providing affordable services to individuals.

Despite being independently recommended as among the leading criminal lawyers in Australia and leading white-collar crime, corporate crime, and regulatory investigations lawyers in Australia prior to starting Anderson Legal in 2019 (Doyles Guide: 2019), Andrew now generally restricts his criminal law work to complex appeals, as well as crimes associated with employment, safety, or privacy issues.

Litigation Examples

High Court of Australia

  • Fennell [2019] HCA 37 (instructing solicitor to Holt QC and Gover)
  • BBH [2012] HCA 9 (junior counsel to Moynihan SC)
  • Handlen; Paddison [2011] HCA 51 (junior counsel to Sofronoff SG QC)
  • Hargraves ; Stoten [2011] HCA 44 (junior counsel to Sofronoff SG QC)
  • Roach [2011] HCA 12 (junior counsel to Moynihan SC)

Queensland Court of Appeal

  • Young [2021] QCA 131 (instructing solicitor to Holt QC)
  • Young [2020] QCA 3 (instructing solicitor to Holt QC)
  • Succarieh; ex-parte CDPP [2017] QCA 85  (instructing solicitor to Ryan QC and Ivessa)
  • Houkamau [2016] QCA 328
  • Dunn [2014] QCA 254 (instructing solicitor to Holt SC)
  • Dunrobin [2013] QCA 175 (junior counsel to Callaghan SC)
  • Suarez [2012] QCA 190 (sentencing principles)
  • Perini; ex parte A-G (Qld) (No. 2) [2011] QCA 384 (junior counsel to Moynihan SC)
  • Derks [2011] QCA 295
  • You [2011] QCA 279
  • Weekes [2011] QCA 262
  • Price; ex parte A-G (Qld) [2011] QCA 87 (junior counsel to Sofronoff SG QC)
  • Perini; ex parte A-G (Qld) [2011] QCA 30 (junior counsel to Moynihan SC)
  • Stone [2010] QCA 157
  • AAL [2010] QCA 146
  • Gabbert [2010] QCA 133

Courts & Tribunals

In addition to his appellate work before the High Court of Australia and Queensland Court of Appeal, Andrew Anderson has experience before many other courts, commissions and tribunals across Australia, including:

  • Federal Court of Australia
  • Fair Work Commission
  • Queensland Industrial Relations Commission
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal
  • Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal
  • Australian Human Rights Commission
  • Crime and Corruption Commission (Queensland)
  • Australian Criminal and Intelligence Commission
  • Coroners Court (New South Wales / Queensland)

Royal Commissions

Andrew Anderson represented numerous clients (many survivors of child sexual abuse) before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Case Studies 4, 12, 15, 34, and 38. 

Jury Trials & Advocacy

Unlike many solicitors, Andrew Anderson has conducted numerous jury trials as a barrister and advocate. The experience of actually cross-examining witnesses on multiple occasions, or delivering a closing address to a jury in a complex trial, represents an additional layer of knowledge and experience few solicitors possess.

With a background as a Principal Crown Prosecutor and barrister in private practice at 8 Petrie Terrace Chambers, Andrew has undertaken numerous jury trials before the Supreme and District Courts in Queensland:

  • Murder
  • Attempted murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Dangerous operation of a vehicle causing death
  • Robbery
  • Torture
  • Grievous bodily harm
  • Serious assault
  • Assault occasioning bodily harm
  • Wounding
  • Deprivation of liberty
  • Common assault
  • Going armed so as to cause fear
  • Assault with intent to rape
  • Indecent treatment of a child
  • Maintaining a sexual relationship with a child
  • Possession of child exploitation material
  • Sexual Assault
  • Rape
  • Trafficking in dangerous drugs
  • Supplying dangerous drugs
  • Fraud
  • Stealing
  • Receiving tainted property
  • Dangerous operation of a vehicle causing death
  • Dangerous operation of a vehicle

Areas of Practice

This firm safeguards what matters most and acts purposefully in times of crisis.

Anderson Legal focuses on the following areas of law:

  • Employment & Industrial
  • Data & Privacy
  • Work Health & Safety

Within each of these areas, this firm does three things:

1. Safeguarding businesses

Most businesses know how fundamental regulatory compliance is to their day-to-day operations yet struggle to stay on top of what the law requires. Anderson Legal simplifies compliance activity for businesses by:

  • simplifying workplace relations and compliance
  • helping to navigate data and privacy regulation
  • advising on work health and safety issues

2. Resolving legal conflict

Successfully resolving legal conflicts requires more than an understanding of your rights and responsibilities. It requires an appreciation of the potential risks and benefits of different choices, as well as the ability to persuade others to reach a resolution. This law firm can help by resolving:

  • workplace disputes for employers and employees
  • data and privacy breach issues for businesses
  • work health and safety issues for businesses

3. Contesting legal disputes

Contested legal issues can place a lot of pressure on businesses and individuals. This firm should be your first choice for advice and representation when faced with a contested legal issue. Anderson Legal assists by helping:

  • individuals faced with unfair allegations at work
  • people impacted by data and privacy breaches
  • businesses facing investigations by regulators
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