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Andrew Anderson has a proven history of success as a lawyer.

Having successfully represented litigants in the High Court of Australia, Queensland Court of Appeal, Fair Work Commission and multiple other courts and tribunals, Andrew Anderson understands how to succeed for his clients.

Experience & Expertise

Andrew Anderson works as an employment lawyer in Brisbane, Queensland. Although based in Brisbane, he operates nationally. His practice mainly concerns representing small to medium-sized businesses, executives and employees.

While his employment practice primarily involves advisory work and discreet resolutions to workplace disputes, it is comprehensive and extends to full litigation. Focus areas include contracts, data and privacy, discrimination, dismissals, misconduct, redundancy, and work health and safety issues. His appellate practice covers multiple courts and areas of law.

Andrew Anderson is an experienced lawyer who has been independently described by the Courier Mail as “one of the best legal minds” and a “leading corporate and white-collar crime lawyer” (16 December 2021). In 2015, he was awarded the ‘Outstanding Early Career’ Alumni Award from James Cook University through the College of Business, Law and Governance.

On a daily basis, Andrew Anderson applies his skills and knowledge to guide clients through challenging, complex and serious problems. As may be seen from publicly accessible cases and law reports, his expertise and professional experience speaks for itself.

Appellate Experience: High Court

  • Fennell [2019] HCA 37 (instructing solicitor to Holt QC and Gover) (wrongful conviction)
  • BBH [2012] HCA 9 (junior counsel to Moynihan SC) (admissibility of evidence)
  • Handlen; Paddison [2011] HCA 51 (junior counsel to Sofronoff SG QC) (Constitutional rights)
  • Hargraves ; Stoten [2011] HCA 44 (junior counsel to Sofronoff SG QC) (Constitutional rights)
  • Roach [2011] HCA 12 (junior counsel to Moynihan SC) (admissibility of evidence)

Appellate Experience:
Queensland Court of Appeal

Appellate Experience: Queensland Court of Appeal

  • Young [2021] QCA 131 (instructing solicitor to Holt QC) (miscarriage of justice)
  • Young [2020] QCA 3 (instructing solicitor to Holt QC) (miscarriage of justice)
  • Succarieh [2017] QCA 85  (instructing solicitor to Ryan QC and Ivessa) (sentencing principles)
  • Houkamau [2016] QCA 328 (sentencing principles)
  • Dunn [2014] QCA 254 (instructing solicitor to Holt SC) (miscarriage of justice)
  • Dunrobin [2013] QCA 175 (junior counsel to Callaghan SC) (miscarriage of justice)
  • Suarez [2012] QCA 190 (sentencing principles)
  • Perini; ex parte A-G (Qld) (No. 2) [2011] QCA 384 (junior counsel to Moynihan SC) (sentencing principles)
  • Derks [2011] QCA 295 (sentencing principles)
  • You [2011] QCA 279 (sentencing principles)
  • Weekes [2011] QCA 262 (sentencing principles)
  • Price; ex parte A-G (Qld) [2011] QCA 87 (junior counsel to Sofronoff SG QC) (sentencing principles)
  • Perini; ex parte A-G (Qld) [2011] QCA 30 (junior counsel to Moynihan SC) (sentencing principles)
  • Stone [2010] QCA 157 (sentencing principles)
  • AAL [2010] QCA 146 (sentencing principles)
  • Gabbert [2010] QCA 133 (sentencing principles)

Courts, Commissions & Tribunals

In addition to his appellate work, Andrew Anderson has experience before many other courts, commissions and tribunals, including:

  • Federal Court of Australia
  • Fair Work Commission
  • Queensland Industrial Relations Commission
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal
  • Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal
  • Australian Human Rights Commission
  • Crime and Corruption Commission (Queensland)
  • Australian Criminal and Intelligence Commission
  • Coroners Court (New South Wales / Queensland)

Andrew Anderson represented numerous clients, many being survivors of child sexual abuse, before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Case Studies 4 (Sydney), 12 (Perth), 15 (Sydney), 34 (Brisbane) and 38 (Sydney). He previously served for several years as a member of the Children’s Law Committee of the Queensland Law Society.

With a background as a Principal Crown Prosecutor, Andrew Anderson has prosecuted numerous jury trials before the Supreme and District Courts in Queensland, including for charges of murder, manslaughter, attempted murder and trafficking in dangerous drugs.

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