Do you want a criminal lawyer with a proven record of success?

Do you want a criminal lawyer with a proven record of success?

Expert Advice & Advocacy

As a criminal lawyer, Andrew Anderson is independently recommended as one of the leading criminal defence lawyers in Queensland.

Anderson Legal is the criminal law firm in Queensland designed for individuals and businesses seeking a lawyer who has demonstrated the necessary skill and experience to deliver successful outcomes in complex cases.

From the High Court down, Andrew Anderson has the proven results and experience that underscores why he is one of the most highly-regarded criminal lawyers in Queensland.

Knowing you can have trust and confidence in the lawyer representing you is essential. On a daily basis, Andrew Anderson applies his skills and knowledge to guide clients through difficult, complex and serious problems. His expertise and experience, as seen from publicly accessible cases and law reports, speaks for itself.

Expert Criminal Defence

Criminal defence work not only requires an understanding of criminal law and procedure, it requires the insight to know that if people cannot properly contest allegations, innocent people are condemned to unjust convictions and punishments.

History provides countless examples of innocent people being wrongly accused or convicted of committing serious offences, or receiving a punishment that does not fit the crime.

If you are facing accusations of wrongdoing that may have an impact on your reputation or liberty, you do not have to face it alone. Anderson Legal operates with the understanding that skilled, passionate and thorough lawyers can make a difference and avert miscarriages of justice.

As an independent criminal defence firm, this firm provides premium legal services equal to the needs of the case.

How this firm can help you achieve justice

How this firm can help you achieve justice

If you need a criminal lawyer for a case in Queensland, Andrew Anderson, Legal Director, is an award-winning lawyer who is independently recommended as a leading criminal lawyer in Queensland. He has significant experience assisting people with cases before all criminal courts.
Having successfully represented litigants in the High Court of Australia, Queensland Court of Appeal, Royal Commissions and multiple other courts dealing with trials and other hearings, Andrew Anderson understands how to succeed in complex and difficult cases.
Prior to operating a law firm, Andrew Anderson worked as a Principal Crown Prosecutor in Queensland and barrister in private practice at 8 Petrie Terrace Chambers in Brisbane. His depth of courtroom advocacy experience ranges from simple cases right through to complex homicide trials and appeals.
Anderson Legal is a law firm that is dedicated to the best ideals of the legal profession. Seeking to exceed client expectations and fighting for justice is an everyday pursuit.

What is your aim today?

1. Obtain advice and representation

Professional reputation follows reality and not the other way around. Andrew Anderson offers clients of this firm a proven track record of success in complex and difficult cases across all court levels, including multiple appeals before the High Court of Australia.

If you need a criminal lawyer for a case in Queensland, this firm should be your first choice. To understand more about how the personalised advice and representation of this firm can help you:

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Criminal Law Queensland - Anderson Legal

Criminal Lawyers Queensland

Criminal Lawyers Queensland

The Highest Standards

The Highest Standards


The value of an expert can be priceless in terms of the difference it can make to an outcome. And so it is with the criminal justice system. A criminal lawyer who has the demonstrated expertise to handle a case can make all the difference. If you are seeking a criminal lawyer for a case in Queensland, Andrew Anderson has the expertise to assist you.

Every criminal case requires specific solutions to particular difficulties raised by precise facts. Having the ability to convert complex legal and factual questions into meaningful outcomes requires discipline and training. Doing so sucessfully on a daily basis, across decades, rightly makes you an expert.

There is a reason why Andrew Anderson, throughout his career, has been selected for complex and difficult cases. The delivery of outcomes, against the odds, again and again, ultimatley sees the most complex and difficult cases land on your desk.


Having worked as both a barrister and solicitor, Andrew Anderson has a breadth of experience that means he is trusted with some of the most high-profile and complex criminal cases before the courts. Additionally, he has been invited to present at conferences, including the Criminal Law Conference for the Queensland Law Society, on legal issues involving criminal law.

Unlike most solicitors (and even many criminal law barristers), Andrew can point to cases he has successfully handled across courts all levels of the criminal justice system, including:

  • High Court of Australia
  • Queensland Court of Appeal
  • Supreme Court of Queensland
  • District Court of Queensland
  • Magistrates Court of Queensland

As an accomplished courtroom advocate, Andrew is often sought out for his expertise, particularly for complex cases. Many of his clients are referred to him by other lawyers or by individuals who are familiar with his work and value his ethical, thorough and strategic approach.

If you or a family member face a criminal allegation or charge, Anderson Legal has the expertise to deliver the best possible result, no matter the complexity of the case. With a proven track record of succeeding in difficult criminal cases, Andrew Anderson provides his clients with thorough advice and guidance at every stage of a proceeding. If you need a criminal lawyer for a case in Queensland, contact Andrew for a confidential discussion today.


While a lawyer has a paramount duty to the court and administration of justice, there is also a fundamental duty to act in the best interests of every client.

The integrity of the justice system is compromised unless lawyers are willing to think and act independently, without fearing or obeying powerful, external interests. Andrew Anderson understands the fundamental role a lawyer can have in ensuring a miscarriage of justice does not happen.

There are numerous high-profile cases where injustices against innocent people have been overturned, often only because of the critical work of independent lawyers or courts. A belief that independence within the legal profession is the best protection for people wrongly accused of a crime is the reason that Andrew Anderson takes on cases and clients that the public may abhor.

In successfully showing people to have been wrongly charged or convicted, including for charges as serious as murder, Andrew understands the difference the application of independent legal thought can make to the outcome in a criminal case. If you need a criminal lawyer for a case in Queensland, you can trust the expertise and experience available to you in this firm.