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Andrew Anderson, Legal Director, is an experienced lawyer who has been independently described by the Courier Mail as “one of the best legal minds” and a “leading corporate and white-collar crime lawyer” (16 December 2021)

Workplace Investigations - Anderson Legal

Workplace Investigations

Anderson Legal has the expertise to assist employers considering the need for a workplace investigation and employees dealing with workplace investigations.

Many people do not reach out for legal assistance early. Delay can lead to avoidable consequences and can make it harder to fix mistakes. Understanding your rights, responsibilities, and options is crucial.

Workplace investigations are often tied up with other considerations that can’t be ignored – reputational risks, commercial realities, and opportunity costs.

This firm offers personalised strategies when advising on workplace investigations.

Workplace Investigation Lawyers

If you have searched for ‘workplace investigation lawyers’ or about ‘workplace investigations’, you will see there are many options. Why choose Anderson Legal?

The areas of law Anderson Legal handles are deliberately narrow and deep, ensuring this firm can handle all cases to the highest standards. The firm is transparent about costs and maintains the highest standards of ethical conduct.

It is not uncommon for Anderson Legal to receive enquiries that we feel may be better handled by others. Also, to maintain the highest standards, this firm must sometimes decline to take on new clients to focus on existing ones. This firm will always try to identify who may be in a position to help you in such instances.

Workplace Investigation Lawyers - Anderson Legal
Bullying Investigations

Bullying Investigations

Bullying investigations can involve complex decisions around whether particular conduct is ‘bullying’ or ‘reasonable management action’.
Given the impact such allegations have on reputations, workplace bullying investigations are often contested and subject to challenge. Understanding the complexity of such investigations is critical.
Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations

Workplace misconduct can sometimes involve alleged criminal offending, complicating how an employer should approach a workplace investigation. Some offences involve mandatory reporting.
When a workplace investigation involves or uncovers possible criminality, understanding the appropriate actions to take is essential.
Discrimination Investigations

Discrimination Investigations

There are numerous forms of discrimination and anti-discrimination laws, leading to many possible outcomes from such investigations.
Misconduct Investigations

Misconduct Investigations

Misconduct investigations can involve many types of allegations, including breaching codes of conduct, failing to manage conflicts of interest, misusing property, and misconduct outside of work.
It is common for misconduct investigations to involve contested allegations, requiring the completion of a thorough investigation.
Sexual Harassment Investigations

Sexual Harassment Investigations

A business can be vicariously liable for sexual harassment for failing to take appropriate steps to prevent it.
Work Health and Safety Investigations

Work Health & Safety Investigations

Investigations into whether an employee has breached work health and safety rules or procedures can be critical for a business, as employers and officers must ensure the safety of workers in a workplace.
Employers face real risks if they fail to investigate alleged work health and safety breaches properly.
Facing Disciplinary Action

Facing Disciplinary Action

Employers who fail to follow the law when taking disciplinary action can give rise to successful claims.
Opportunity to Show Cause

Opportunity to ‘Show Cause’

It is possible for employees to be given an opportunity to ‘show cause’ either as part of or following an investigation.
The purpose of a show cause notice is to alert an employee of a potential adverse decision and give them a chance to explain why that decision would be wrong, unreasonable, or unfair.
Responding to a Workplace Investigation

Responding to a Workplace Investigation

Failure to provide an employee a genuine opportunity to respond to an allegation can see a successful claim against the employer.
The opportunity to respond may take several forms, such as a meeting, interview, or request for written responses to allegations, proposed findings and proposed disciplinary decisions.
Steps in Workplace Investigations

Steps in Workplace Investigations

Although workplace investigations vary greatly, it is possible to identify the general stages or steps undertaken during a typical workplace investigation. Not all steps will necessarily feature in all investigations.
If the appropriate steps are followed in a workplace investigation, it is more likely that the respondent will be afforded procedural fairness.
Types of Workplace Investigations

Types of Workplace Investigations

Understanding the different types of workplace investigations can be crucial to know whether it is appropriate to the specific allegations.
Employees can challenge workplace investigations on the basis that they are procedurally unfair. The wrong type of investigation can lead to inherently unfair processes, which can be challenged.
Unfair Workplace Investigations

Unfair Workplace Investigations

If you are facing a workplace investigation and are concerned that the process is unfair for some reason, getting informed about your options is essential to protecting your rights and advancing your interests.
An unfair workplace investigation wrongly undermines the ability of an employee to answer the accusations and clear their name.

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